34 days to go

Oh, hi, you're still out there...  Sorry for going all MIA the last week or so, things have been busy.  In case you haven't been keeping track, we're getting married in 34 days!  Since I've been missing for over a week now I decided to compile a couple of posts with lots of pictures and updates...starting with the wedding!

Back at the beginning of November I got a lovely card in the mail asking me to save the date for my bachelorette party!  YAY!  In celebration I purchased a pair of gold sequined faux uggs from Old Navy to party in...  That is assuming we're not going somewhere that gold sequined faux uggs are unwelcome...though I can't imagine such a place.
I've been running lots of errands and picking up all kinds of fun treats.

I got really lucky that glitter and sequins are very in this holiday season.  Everywhere I look find more sparkly things that I've just got to have!  I've had to cut myself off from shopping because it's getting out of control, I have 5 of those giant bows...
I picked up lots of snacks for our welcome bags.  Which are coincidentally one of the only items we have left to finish!
Even the cats are getting in on the wedding excitement!  Don't they look thrilled about their snazzy formal wear?
Joe is still knocking out projects left and right.  I barely mention something needing to be worked on and when I get home that night it's finished!  Seriously, I've hardly lifted a finger towards 1/2 the items on the to do list.  I've deemed myself the "idea woman."
We had our centerpiece trial with the florist.  I've never been big on flowers so I really didn't want to pay a ton of money for lavish arrangements that would die within a few days of the wedding.  When I found pictures of babies breath arrangements I knew we were in business.  Not only are they inexpensive but I think they look a little bit like fireworks.
My mom & Dawn have been working on finalizing all of the bridesmaid bouquets and even put together a little pomander for Alayna to carry!
I know the month of December is going to fly by!  I just said to Joe the other night that it feels like we're getting married tomorrow!

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  1. So excited for the wedding!!! OMG, is it here yet??