40-Day Challenge - practice

Good morning! I wonder if there's anyone is reading this to say good morning too, lol. Anyway, I decided to do a dry run of my 40-day challenge this weekend. It's going to be a long post since I'm covering 2 days with pictures!
Saturday -
I had to work at the restaurant so I was up at 6:30 and out the door by 7. I made my standard breakfast sandwich (1 scrambled egg, 3 slices of fully cooked bacon, 1 wedge of laughing cow all on a sandwich thin = 306 calories).

My biggest concern for this challenge is getting my 5 servings of fruits/veggies, which you can see I didn't get any of with this meal. My second biggest concern for this challenge is getting enough water on the weekends but I realized as long as I shoot for 2 soda glasses full while I'm working I'm more then half way there! I worked until about noon, we were pretty steady and I made enough to keep my finances in order for the week :-)

Angela & I were planning to knock out couch to 5K week 9 day 1 so I made sure to eat as soon as I got home. It was one piece of leftover eggplant rollatini from the restaurant (I'm guessing about 351 calories). The picture makes it look kind of gross but it was delicious!

Around 2:30 we headed out on our run. Neither of us were feeling up to it but we knew we had to get it done. We were both whining the whole way about how slow we were going & what I waste this was. When we finished we checked our stats to see how much slower we were since running on Thursday & it turns out we were kicking serious butt! I shaved almost a full minute from my mile pace. It really made me feel a lot better about the race this on Thanksgiving, I'm running with my sister who has about a 10min pace & I don't want to hold her back too much. We stopped at Starbucks on our walk home because it was buy 1 get 1 for holiday drinks! I forgot to take a picture of my tall skinny gingerbread latte but it was delicious and about 150 calories.

Joe & I couldn't decide what to do for dinner. We were back & forth between ordering out & cooking but since we were spending the day together Sunday (and would probably be eating out a lot) we decided to be good and stay home. I made baked pork chops with shake n' bake, steamed asparagus & stove-top = 482 calories.I also had a leftover apple turnover with ice cream that Joe made earlier in the week. I forgot to take a picture but it was delicious, maybe even better then when they were fresh!

I got all of my water for the day even though that meant sitting on the couch with a glass & straw sucking down the last 24 ounces before bed. Not a bad day overall...2652 calories burned - 1549 calories eaten = 1103 total calories burned!

Sunday -
Joe was schedule to have this Sunday off so I requested the day off from the restaurant. We don't get a lot of whole days off together! We started the day by sleeping in until about 9:30, it was wonderful! We were hoping to run couch to 5K week 9 day 2 before breakfast so that we could see how running in the morning worked for us. We each had a banana (105 calories) before we left the house so that we wouldn't have totally empty stomachs.

I'm not going to lie, the run wasn't fantastic. Joe tries to motivate/push me and I don't always appreciate his help, he's about a foot taller then I am so he's always ahead of me and makes it look so easy...anyway, we finished the 30 minutes & I was about a block behind where Angela & I were the day before...bummer. I have my last training run on Tuesday with Joe and then the 5K on Thursday (on which they are forcasting rain, but we're not talking about that now).
We walked home, grabbed a quick shower & headed out to breakfast a little before noon. I don't get to go out to breakast often because I work mornings 7 days a week so it's always a treat! I had a ham/swiss omelette with sliced tomato instead of home fries and rye toast = 710 calories.
After breakfast we went out to the Christmas Tree Shop. It was my first time there & I could have spent hours wandering the isles. We ended up only spending about $30 and getting some cute holiday stuff. Next, we window shopped at Best Buy & HH Gregg, Joe needed to get some more ideas for christmas gifts to add to his wish list. For some reason we decided we might need a new tv...we're going to wait & check the black Friday flyers before any decisions are made though.
One of the big ideas we had for our day off was to see the new Harry Potter movie. I've read the books so I knew what was going to happen but I still jumped a few times. I thought it was very well done, I'm always surprised how close the movies are to the books. Joe said it he had trouble paying attention because the top of the screen was blurry, but I didn't notice. And of course we had to get snacks! I got a small popcorn (no butter) & bottle of water but only finished about 2/3 of the popcorn = 160 calories.
We weren't hungry when we left the theater around 6pm. But by 7:30 we were starting to crave more junk food. Joe wanted some wings to watch the Eagles/Giants game with & I ordered a cheesesteak with tomato = 560 calories. For some reason I only seem to eat cheesesteaks on Sundays, lol.

So my Sunday total, 2237 calories burned - 1535 calories eaten = 702 total calories burned. I usually aim for at least 1000 but at least I didn't go over.

That about wraps up my weekend. Hope you all had a great one & are excited for the upcoming holiday weekend.

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  1. Ok so I totally posted an excited, encouraging comment the other day on your last blog and its nowhere to be found :( Anyway...

    Yay for our run! I still can't believe we were whining the whole time about how slow we were yet we were running faster! And great job getting those pictures. It really keeps me accountable so I hope it helps you too! Sounds like you and Joe had an awesome day off. I seriously got your text at 3:08 so making the 3:10 movie wasn't happening! I forgot my ringer was off all day.

    Anyway, I guess I won't see you until Thursday! So excited!