11/26 - Day 5

Ah black Friday.  Until last year I had never been shopping on the day after Thanksgiving, I never saw the point.  Usually I had to work plus Joe has always told me the best electronics deals are just junk.  It all changed the year I started working for AtlantiCare.  Now, I'm off on black Friday so there's nothing stopping me from shopping at 4am.  We don't go looking for anything in particular, It's all about the experience.  I was the worst food blogger ever & forgot to take pictures of everything I ate all day!  I did take a lot of pictures of our adventures though.

I woke up at 3:15am, brushed my teeth, got dressed and hopped in the car en route to Target.  I talked to Shana on my way and she let me know they were already in line by Old Navy.  Mind you Old Navy is half way across the plaza from Target.  Once the doors opened we were moving quickly.  I found it odd there weren't any carts or baskets available at the door.  We wandered back towards housewares so that Kelli could try to get some $3 appliances & a $99 tv stand.  As we turned the aisle we encountered the missing carts.
I thought it was a pretty ingenious idea; preloading the carts with sale tvs so that no one would hurt themselves tyring to lift/move them.  We spent about 2 hours in the store picking up gifts for ourselves & others.  I got matching pajama pants for Joe & me to wear on xmas; they have penguins on them!  I also picked up 2 belts because my pants are all getting too big!  Here's a shot of our cart.  Oh and we picked up Corey wandering the aisles, she was a little overwhelmed, that's what you get for venturing into the electronics department.
After leaving Target we split up to pack the cars.  Turns out Kelli's tv stand wouldn't fit in Shana's car so I brought mine around.  It's still in my car by the way...

We were all super hungry and thirsty by this point so we went in to Manhattan Bagel for breakfast.  I had a whole wheat bagel with egg & cheese plus a 20oz bottle of water = 440 calories.
Shana was looking to buy some frames for wedding pictures and Michael's was having a 50% off sale.  Here is where the early wake up time started getting to everyone.  I'm pretty sure these little guys are what started it, they are so creepy!  I love that Shana is lining up and holding hands with her pick for creepiest.
We wanted to go straight to frames but Kelli & Corey suggested we take a look at the xmas decorations first.  This is where Shana met her new friends the conga bears.  Why yes, we did block an entire aisle with bears conga dancing.
While browsing the picture frames I got a phone call from Nicole that she was coming out to Michael's to get jewelry making supplies with her 30% off coupon.  While we were waiting for her to get there we found some fancy holiday hats.

Then there was wind up toys...their favorites were these dancing skeletons...

Jack was also a fan.  We really wanted to take a picture of him in this reindeer hat & the only way to get him to leave it on was to hold out the pink wind up toy.
When we parted ways with Nicole & Jack we went over to The Christmas Tree Shop.  I think I've mentioned it before but in case I haven't, I love that store!  I spent maybe $30 and got a bunch of holiday decorations & gift wrapping supplies.  Next we stopped at Dicks because Joe told me they were having a sale of running wear.  I got a Reebok top, Nike jacket & Underarmor headband for $50!  I'm pretty excited for my run on Tuesday!  

We dropped all of our bags in the cars & stopped at BJs for some $1 sodas (I had another 20oz water).  This was by far the funniest part of the entire day.  We spent probably a half hour hanging out at this table in the "food court,"  Shana is incognito because she was very concerned about being recognized while hanging out at BJs, but not too concerned about being spotted eating mustard off her pointer finger.  We also learned about Kelli's aversion to "food on people," I almost died from laughing so hard.
We met up with Joe, Holly & Alissa at Kohls and bought some toys for our favorite little kids.  I didn't buy very much more from this point on though.  Kelli had to leave for a little while to look at a condo so Shana and I went over to the mall.  We met up with Julie who is in town for the holiday.  It was so nice to see her, it's easily been 6 months since our last visit.  She has a formal coming up so we stopped to look at some fancy dresses.
I think this one's the winner. 

We were all starving at Kohls so the plan was to meet up at Ruby Tuesday for lunch when Kelli was done house hunting, around 1pm.  Lorie, Amanda & Bill joined us at this point.  I had the Chicken Fresco = 437 calories.
The 4 of us that started at 4am were really hitting the wall at this point.  We only made 3 more stops, Express, Hallmark & Macys.  A few small impulse purchases were made then we all headed for home.  I jumped in the shower and spent the next 4 hours watching tv, I was asleep by 9:30.  It was a really great day but I'm glad it only happens once a year!

Daily wrap up:
1. I burned 1687 calories shopping for 10+ hours, I usually burn around 500 calories in an hourly workout so I'm counting this as 180 fitness minutes.
2. 1 servings of fruits/veggies
3. 64 ounces of water...check - I finished about 48 oz by the time I got home from shopping and knocked out 2 more bottles while watching tv.
4. Tracking: 2655 calories burned - 877 calories eaten = total 1778 calories burned...wasn't feeling eating anything after I got home.
5. I had a great time & am considering this 1 of my relaxing activities.
6. I weighed in and I gained a pound, I can't be too upset though considering I ate more the night before then I have in quite some time.

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