11/27 & 11/28 - Day 6 & 7

I just about had a mild panic attack, I logged in to write my new blog & the computer said it couldn't load the page!  Thankfully I found an alternate way in!  I didn't get time to blog yesterday so you're getting another full weekend post.

Saturday:  After all the excitement of Thanksgiving & Black Friday I was ready for a standard run of the mill day.  My alarm went off at 6:30am as usual & I got ready for work at the restaurant.  I serve breakfast at a cafe by my house on the weekends for spending money.  I really like working there because I get a decent work out on top of the $$.  I usually walk close to 10,000 in the 5-6 hours I'm there, which I figure counts as a work out.
I try to eat before I go in because having all that delcious food around can make my calories sky rocket.  Usually I just make a quick breakfast sandwich = 306 calories.  The owner is always curious about it because I use a sandwich thin, he always wants to "see the bread."
I was concerned about getting my water on the weekends but once I realized our soda cups are 20oz I try to drink at least 2 during my shift.
I worked until about 1pm and was starving when I got home.  Even though I cheated & had 1/4 cup of home fries at the restaurant = 90 calories.  Time for the first round of turkey day leftovers.  I microwaved some turkey, gravy, mashed potato & stuffing.  Then I figured I should add a veggie to the meal.  We have a ton of broccoli in the fridge that Joe picked up at Produce Junction.  I pulled out one of the steamer bags from ziplock that I asked Joe to pick up at the grocery store months ago.  This was the first time I tried them & I love it!  You fill the bag to a certain line with the veggie & microwave for the directed time and voila perfectly cooked broccoli!  Leftover turkday day lunch = 433 calories.  (there's really only a 1/2 cup of mashed potato there, I just mushed it up all flat)
Joe's sister & my dad share a birthday of 12/1 so we have a lot of family dinners between Thanksgiving & Xmas.  We had Janey's birthday dinner this night.  Joe's mom made baked ziti with salad & garlic bread with spinach = 450 calories.  I don't love not being in charge of my own meals (when will everyone learn the world revolves around me & my diet plan?!?!) but I just made sure to take small portions.
We also had birthday cake and ice cream = 409 calories.  Here's Janey with the gifts we got her & her cake. 
That's it for Saturday.  My daily wrap up:
1. I burned 587 calories working at the restaurant for 5+ hours, I usually burn around 500 calories in an hourly workout so I'm counting this as 60 fitness minutes.
2. 4 servings of fruits/veggies
3. 64 ounces of water...check - this goal isn't that difficult, I just always make sure it gets done, even if that means drinking 2 bottles of water while I watch tv in bed.
4. Tracking: 2307 calories burned - 1688 calories eaten = total 619 calories burned
5. I didn't do anything overly relaxing.
6. No weigh in until 12/3.

Sunday: We went to bed pretty early on Saturday night so I woke up without any real issue on Sunday morning & got ready to waitress.  I am really trying to have more fruits/veggies so I made a protein shake.  We use probolic brand.  This morning I used the powder, 1% milk, a banana & ice = 347 calories.  This is my protein shake cup, Joe got it for me at Bed, Bath & Beyond last year.  Things are always better when drank through a straw :-)
We were pretty busy at the restaurant & I ended up working until about 2pm.  I couldn't last as long without any solid food in my system so I had 1 slice of rye toast with butter = 93 calories.  I forgot to take a picture until I was almost done.
After work I was starving!  Joe was trying to get out of work early to watch the eagles game but not early enough for me to wait for him.  I microwaved some more Thanksgiving leftovers & broccoli = 328 calories.
Angela & Rob were looking to escape their house for the evening so we invited them over for Chinese & football.  The boys drank quite a few miller lites (96 calories each) but we stuck to water.  After reviewing the Shanghai House menu for a few minutes I placed the order and we were eating about an hour later.  I ordered Cashew Chicken with white rice & cream cheese wontons = 499 calories.  It was a little spicier then I like but pretty good.  I had enough for 3 servings so I'm sure you'll be seeing more of it.
I'm usually very good at avoiding the candy dishes in our living room but I must have been craving chocolate because I was grabbing carmel kisses on & off all afternoon = 190 calories for 9.
I love my little penguin dish!

Daily wrap up:
1. I burned 733 calories walking while waitressing for 5+ hours, I usually burn around 500 calories in an hourly workout so I'm counting this as 60 fitness minutes.
2. 5 servings of fruits/veggies, that's right I finally got them all!
3. 64 ounces of water...check
4. Tracking: 2351 calories burned - 1457 calories eaten = total 894 calories burned
5. Nothing extremely relaxing today.
6. Not weighing in until 12/3. 

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  1. Ah ha! You do eat the candy sometimes! LoL. It must have been a caramel kisses day cause I ate some of those too. LoL. I think I might get that cashew chicken next time from that place. Rob has agreed that perhaps the drive to somers point may be worth the yummy food from them! Thanks for letting us hang out!!