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Oh my gosh!  I totally forgot to post over the weekend about our gender reveal!  I'm super sorry guys!  However, I'm betting most of you already follow me on some other form of social media so you probably already know what we're having...

Our gender reveal extravaganza started on Friday evening with a special manicure.  My mom met me at the nail salon across the street and Quynh worked her magic on my new longer, stronger (thanks to prenatal vitamins) nails.  After our mani/pedi appointment we headed across the plaza for dinner at Applebee's.  No gender reveal excitement there though...

The next morning Nicole, Jack & I headed out to pick up last minute party supplies.  Obviously blue and pink jewelry from Old Navy was necessary.  We also stopped at Party City for plates, napkins, candy and fancy polka dot balloons.
Before I knew it 7pm was here and our friends/family were starting to arrive!  We waited until 8pm to cut the cake so that those fashionably late people wouldn't miss the big event.
It was really fun but also one of the most overwhelming moments of my life.  There were about 30 people crammed into the entryway of our dining room waiting to see if the inside of the cake was pink or blue!
It was blue!  We're having a boy!  If you'd like to check it out first hand feel free to watch the YouTube video below that a friend of ours recorded on Joe's cell phone.
About 1/2 our guests left pretty quickly after the cake was cut but most of our favorites hung out for a few hours longer to celebrate our boy!  I stayed up WAY later than I have in months!

I've had a feeling since pretty much the moment I got pregnant that it was a boy but I don't know a lot about boys.  I've always been a girly girl and never had a lot of guy friends or anything like that so the prospect of raising a son & being outnumbered in my house is a little daunting.  So, on Sunday morning before I was even out of bed I updated our registries (amazon & Babies R Us) with more boy appropriate colors and spent some time on Pinterest looking at boy inspired showers and other cute baby boy stuff to boost my excitement.  Then, after Joe headed out to work I decided to hit the 50% off Labor Day sale at Carter's.  I did my best to restrain myself and only picked out 5 adorable little outfits for a total of $36!  I was surprised that I wasn't even sad to not be in the little girl section, I guess my blood isn't quite as pink & glittery as I thought!

I also spent some time over the weekend talking to friends that are moms to boys and have been reassured.  I'm feeling really good our new little guy and couldn't be more excited to meet the little mama's boy in January!

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