Don't... don't talk that way, Sandy.

Unless you're living under a rock somewhere you've probably heard that there's a hurricane headed my way.  People around here started panicking on Friday, hitting the stores for food & water, filling up gas cans and spending hundreds of dollars on generators.  I've tried to stay calm, I figure after the derecho we can survive anything.  Things stayed pretty calm all weekend, some wind and a little bit of rain but nothing crazy.  My mom, Nicole and I even managed to work on some wedding projects.  

I got a text from my supervisor just before bed that said to stay home until further notice.  I slept well, I thought I'd be woken up by the wind like in June but nothing.  My alarm went off at 6 am and I was happy to see the power was still on.  I jumped in the shower in case I was called into work and more importantly in case the power went out and I would be forced into showering by candlelight again.  

Shortly thereafter I received another text telling me to be available via email for emergency orders from the hospital but to stay home and be safe.  
I made myself some breakfast and tried to figure out what to do with my extra time off.  That's about when Joe said he was changing into his bathing suit...  I asked why, he said to go out back...  Since the sun was finally up I decided to go check it out...

Our backyard is under water and it's not even high tide yet!  

The water is rising fast!  Within a half hour of taking these pictures the water was high enough to cover the 2x4s and it's almost into our crawl space now.  Luckily our house sits up higher then rest of the yard and the crawl space is almost 4' deep so it will take a lot more water to make it into the house.  

The storm is supposed to intensify all day, keep your fingers crossed for me.

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  1. Oh shooosh!! :( Sorry to learn that you're affected by the storm.

    I'm keeping my fingers crossed for you guys.