Day 4: Love / Five for Friday ~ 10/5/12

I saved Thursday's photography challenge post for Friday because the prompt is "Love" and that totally works with all my Five for Friday posts.  Not at all because I was super busy and didn't have time.  That's not the case at all...

This Friday/prompt is especially poignant because today is also our 10 year dating anniversary!  This is probably the last year we'll celebrate this date since we'll have a brand new date to celebrate soon (87 days)!

1. You stuck up for what I wanted at our menu planning meeting.

2. You offered to cut out flowers for bridesmaid bouquets and touch up the glitter on the girls shoes.

3. You're most supportive weight loss partner I've ever had, I think you were more excited about my 4.3 pounds loss then I was.

4. You made me a delicious anniversary breakfast of pumpkin waffles and bacon.
5. I got a special delivery at work.

Happy 10 years Joey!  I love you!
April 2012

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