catching up

Day 5: Sunset - My intention was to post a picture of the actual sun setting but I keep forgetting to go outside at 7ish.  Instead I'll use this picture of Mandy & me in a golf cart right around sunset...
Day 6: Animal - I'm guessing Jack was hoping she'd wake up and want to play...
Day 7: From a distance - Joe and Jack jumping waves.
Day 8: Close-up - I've been eating a lot of salad lately...
Day 9: Upside down - Looking for Munzees with Keebs & Aufbau.
Day 10: Favorite - My favorite ladies at my bridal shower, minus Edra.
Day 11: From up high - Frank taking a shot at a hole-in-one contest.  The same night Mandy and I got to drive the golf cart.
Day 12: Hands - self explanatory :-)

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