Day 2: Fashion

My fashion has changed quite a bit in the last 3 months.  Those of you who've been reading my blog for any length of time probably remember that I used to take pictures of my outfits all week and post them on the weekends.  I found that it made me really think about what I was going to wear everyday so that I didn't fall into the trap of black pants day in and day out.  Plus looking at a full body shot of myself everyday kept me motivated to eat right and workout.  Then, in July, my job description changed and instead of going to my business casual office I work in a hospital and wear sterile scrubs all day.
Wearing scrubs has pluses and minuses.  Yes, it's great to not have to worry about what to wear each day, I've actually taken to wearing my gym clothes to work, not only does it cut down on locker room time but I have slightly less laundry to do!  The bad part is that even my size small scrubs are not exactly form fitting, I was concerned that wearing loose fitting scrubs every day would make it easier to eat junk, no waist band getting tighter and whatnot.  Luckily for now the wedding is keeping me on track but we'll see what happens once January comes around though.  

At first I just picked past all of my business clothes each morning in favor of yoga pants and t-shirts, but eventually I got sick of looking at all those pieces I wasn't wearing.  So just this past weekend I spent some time pulling my summer clothes and least worn business casual pieces for storage in the attic.  As of now there's 3 plastic bins full of shoes and clothes ready for storage but I bought 8, I see a lot more cleaning in my future.

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