not making it any easier

So this is happening outside right now... (and we took down the 2 trees out back so I am no longer terrified of the next big storm)
We're expected to get somewhere around 2 inches of snow this morning.  I realize that in other parts of the country that's no big deal, but here in South Jersey it's a mess.  The parking lots aren't treated so people are sliding all over the place, my anti-lock brakes kicked on as I went around a few corners, it's not pleasant.

It's also not conducive to getting my butt to the gym.  All I want to do is sip hot chocolate under a blanket on the couch, but that's not an option.  I'm already off to a good start today and I plan to stay on track.  I have chicken defrosting for dinner with a bunch of fresh veggies ready for roasting.  I packed my lunch (mostly yogurt and fruit), I made a protein shake for breakfast and I am going to the gym after work for an aerobic kickboxing class.  I've reached out to my gym buddies for support but plan on going alone in necessary.

I weighed in this morning at 155 pounds which means I'd like to lose at least 15 pounds and would be thrilled with 20 or 25 by Memorial Day weekend, which is in 16 weeks.

I don't have any plans for the weekend and Joe is off!  I'm hoping to cook all of our meals at home and maybe we can do some kind of work out?  It's supposed to be cold and snowy so I don't think we'll be running outside but maybe I can convince him to play on the WII or something.

How do you work out when the gym and outdoors aren't really an option?

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  1. I hate it when its nasty out! I am glad Rob and I are doing Body Beast together - easy to do at home and an accountability buddy all in one! But I decided to sign up for a half marathon (go ahead and yell at me, I know) so now I have to start running. It better not snow next weekend for my first long run!