Things did not really go according to plan Friday afternoon/evening.  I had big plans to go to the gym and make a healthy home cooked meal for dinner but after a long afternoon at work and a hard to refuse offer from a friend I shelved that plan.

Anne was going shopping for a dress for an event next week and invited me/I invited myself to join her for a date night.  We met at the mall after work and wandered through a couple of stores before finding dresses on sale at JC Penney.  This little number only cost me $20 and is perfect for the fundraiser next week!
Once we'd accomplished our main goal for the evening we headed to dinner at Famous Dave's.  I love that most restaurants offer low calorie sections of their menu now, I ordered the Citrus Shrimp for 480 calories.  Luckily they weren't too busy for a Friday night and the waiter didn't complain when we spent more then an hour chatting after we finished eating!  It was so nice to get to catch up with Anne, because we work together our conversations are usually quick and easily cut off by phone calls and meetings.
I'm not totally disappointed my goals for the day.  True, I didn't work out, but I did get almost 8000 steps which is a vast improvement over last month.  I did go out to eat, but only once for the day and I kept within my calorie goal!  Plus I got my water!  Not a bad first day back if I do say so myself.

Nothing much to report for today yet.  Nicole dropped Jack off first thing this morning as usual and we went to breakfast at Fitzpatrick's.  I kept my calories under 500 which isn't bad for breakfast out and we don't have any other meals out planned for the day.  Joe & I had a little conversation about careers and the future which must have bored Jack so badly that he actually ate all of his meal without a fight!  We've spent the rest of the morning hanging out around the house, played with some Play Doh, the boys painted a bird house before we all retired to the couch with our various iPads.  EveryDayMatters is probably so disappointed in us :-)
I don't know what else we have planned for today.  I'm not sure any serious exercise is in store but I can definitely get my water, keep my calories in check and try for my steps!

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  1. 8000 steps is great!!! If I don't work out, I like to at least get 5000 steps so for me, that would be a success. On to tomorrow!