That's right I'm still alive

I took the month of January off.  

I mean that in every sense of the word.  I haven't worked out.  I haven't counted my calories.  I haven't blogged.  I spent my first month of married life hanging out and enjoying it.  I changed my name almost everywhere.  Joe & I had dinner together most nights; he was off at least one day each weekend so we ran errands and cleaned the house of wedding stuff.
It was lovely.  Except that I've gained 5 pounds.  

But now it's a new month and it's time to get back on track.  I've decided to work on losing maybe 13 pounds which would put me back at 140 but mostly to maintain.  I spent close to 3 years busting my butt and while I want to drop some LBs I also want to enjoy my life without obsessing over every move I make and bite I eat.  Now I just need to figure out how to do that...

To start with I've made a spreadsheet with goals.  Nothing crazy just some standards I need to put back in place.
Less then 20 meals out.  Joe & I are going to start meal planning which should help cut down the number of times we eat out.  Now if I can just stop going to the cafeteria at lunch we'll be in business!

64 ounces of water for 25 out of 30 days.  I've been really slacking on my water lately.  I don't think I got all 8 glasses one day in January.  Being hydrated will make me feel better, curb my hunger and hopefully keep my migraines at bay.

Achieve my calorie goal 20 out of 28 days.  I have myfitnesspal set up for 1 pound per week weight loss which gives me about 1230 calories per day if I don't work out.  (Are we friends?  If not find me, I'm LFdimples).  Counting my calories is the only thing that's worked for me long term...so here we go again.

600 fitness minutes.  I lowered this from 900 because I'm trying to spend some time with my new husband instead of running to the gym every day.  600 minutes is about 3 days a week and there's nothing stopping us from working out together at home!

230,000 steps.  I've been slacking here too, I barely made it to 5,000 steps a day in all January.  I have my pretty new pink Fitbit and it's time to break it in!  (hope Nicole's ready for some cold walks to ShopRite!)

So, if anyone's still out there I hope you'll help hold me accountable! 

I promise to post about the wedding too.  I'm supposed to have to pro pics back in a week or so and I've got honeymoon, bachelorette & bridal shower posts uploaded and ready!  For now here's two of my favorites from our sneak peek!

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