it's about the destination, not the journey?

I'm pretty sure that's not the way the saying goes but it's more appropriate when talking about weight loss.  Who cares if you have one bad day as long as you keep your eye on the goal!

Keeping that in mind, I didn't do so great over the weekend...  I think I set my goals a little too high for the first few days of a new month, not to mention I was coming off a 34 day hiatus.

Saturday:  I didn't move off the couch too much after I posted, in fact I only got 1,912 steps the whole day.  Not my finest moment...  I only drank 4 glasses of water which doesn't make sense, I was just sitting around, I could have at least been drinking...  I did manage to stay within my calorie goal and we didn't eat lunch or dinner out.  Another 50/50ish day.

Sunday:  I attempted to keep things healthy when we went out to breakfast with Joe's parents by ordering turkey sausage eggs benedict with the hollandaise sauce on the side.

Joe & I spent the late morning/early afternoon deep cleaning the house since we were having a few friends over to watch the Super Bowl, that's counts as exercise right (it got me the majority of my 5,294 steps)?  Oh how times have changed, we used to have people over and get drunk and stay up late for the big game.  Now, Lorie spent the majority of the evening on the floor with Alayna & Jack playing games and I was asleep on the couch by 10pm.
I pretty much stopped counting calories around 4pm on Sunday.  It's not that I went crazy or ate anything really terrible, I just grazed through an awful lot of junk food and didn't drink much water.  The cherry on top of an evening full of delicious food was my favorite dessert, dump cake!

Monday was a new day.  That's one of the only good parts about not having a particular event that you're losing weight for, it's not the end of the world if you mess up one day!  I think I mentioned that I've decided that I'm only going to the gym on days when Joe works late.  This way we have more time together instead of always running around.  I'm hoping when the weather warms up this will translate to running or playing tennis together.  

This Monday Joe was out early so no gym for me.  I made myself a shake for breakfast, packed a healthy lunch and headed out to work.  A friend reached out and asked me to meet her for lunch so my healthy lunch stayed in the fridge and I used a meal out in the cafeteria.  For dinner we munched on Super Bowl left overs and then headed to bed early.  We are serious party poopers now that we're married.  I kept my calories in check but didn't get my water, I didn't work out but I got 6,600 steps.

Tuesday:  I went to the gym!  I came pretty close to bailing a number of times throughout the day but the tightness of my dress pants kept reminding me it was time to go back.  I had planned on taking a Cardio Kickboxing class but the regular instructor was out and I'm not a fan of her sub so off to the elliptical I went.  I'm extremely proud of myself for staying when there were so many easy ways out.  Like, oh darn, my class is cancelled and I don't have my headphones.  It felt really great being back, I really missed all of the staff that had become like friends while I was getting in shape for the wedding.  I felt really good even after just a quick 30 minutes on the machine and now I'm excited to get back at it!  It was a banner day all around, I got my water, I kept my calories low, I worked out, I didn't eat out and I got 10,032 steps!

Wednesday:  So far so good, I had a pear and a Lara Bar for breakfast, I've got my lunch packed, Joe's taking something out for dinner and I'm attempting this new "class" at the gym tonight.
It's called SPARK training and from what I've been told it's a maximum of 11 people at a time with one personal trainer moving through stations of cardio and strength training exercises for an hour.  Something tells me I'm not going to be able to move tomorrow...

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