catching up

I've definitely been more engaged in my job lately, so that's a plus.

Unfortunately I did not become more engaged in my healthy lifestyle.  This may be one of the saddest graphs I've ever had at the end of a month...The only thing I got right was eating out, LOL!
I have higher hopes for March though.  Joe is in a biggest loser contest at work so it'll be harder to cheat when he's not on board.  I've also started going to the gym with my friend Meaghan and I always find it harder to bail when I know someone is waiting for me.  Nicole and I have big plans to start going for walks as the weather gets warmer, we may even give C25K another go!  There's not much else I can do but try.  Plus I have this fancy new pink gym bag from Thirty-One that I had GO WORK OUT embroidered on, if that doesn't kick my butt out the door I'm not sure what will!

In other news around these parts...

I started a book club!  A few of my friends had mentioned joining one but no one really ever made a move so I went for it!  We're going to meet the last Friday of each month to review our book (though I won't be surprised if we spend more time gossiping & drinking wine than discussing literature).  For March we're reading Let's Pretend This Never Happened by Jenny Lawson.  I've heard great things about it from pretty much every blogger I follow!

So, what's new with all of you?

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  1. I want to come to book club just to gossip! LoL. But sorry, I don't think I'll be joining in in the literature though I heard good things about this book.

    And I love the new 31 gym bag!!