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As I'm sure you can tell I've sort of let this blog go.  It wasn't my intention and I really do miss this community.  Things have just gotten busier and the blog was the easiest thing to put off.  

I didn't think much about it until we were at dinner with a friend the other night and she mentioned that I hadn't blogged in a while and she was worried about me because my last posts were less than my optimistic self...  I wanted to share a little update on how things are going with me and a promise to try harder to check in here more often.

 Things at work are better.  I've been busier and involved in a couple projects so my days go by faster.  The problem is that I'm so mentally fried by the time I get home the last thing I want to do is sit down and type up a post.  I have all the pictures from our honeymoon uploaded so I should really write them up...  And I know you all want to see wedding recaps but I haven't even ordered our thank you cards yet or put together our album!  I just can't bring myself to jump into the wedding again for some reason.

I have been working out more!  I went to the gym 3 times last week including a 6am spin class!  This week I've been using our treadmill at home to start C25K over again (see photo of my watching 90210 while walking).  It's nice to know that I'm not nearly as out of shape as I thought, I'm not even out of breath after the run segments.   

Joe and I even did a run/walk workout OUTSIDE yesterday!  I'm a little conflicted about running though.  I know it works and I see results when I run on the regular but I really don't like it.  Approximately 90% of the time I'm running I'm complaining either internally or out loud that I hate it and I want to stop.  I don't know what I'm going to do about it.  Joe & I discussed taking our bikes out more when it gets warmer and incorporating more intervals instead of going for a "3 mile run" all the time both of which should make things more bearable.  I just want to be healthy & in shape without killing myself all the time, why is that so hard to achieve?!?

My eating still isn't great.  I've been a lot better then I was in January & February but it seems like if I go bad, I go REALLY bad.  This past weekend was a real disaster...I ruin all of my hard work during the week by going off the rails on the weekends.  I'm up approximately 23 pounds from my all time low in the summer of 2011.  I try to remind myself that I'm still down 33 pounds from my all time high but I think that also serves to down play how bad it's gotten.
I've also been drinking a lot more alcohol then usual.  I feel like I need to always have a drink in hand at social events otherwise people are asking if I'm pregnant!
Joe's been really helpful with cooking meals at home, partially because it's healthier and partially because we'd really like to pay off some debt and eating out is such a money suck, but it's helping either way.  He also reminds me of our goals whenever I want to cheat and start over again the next day.  I know I'll feel better after a work out but the couch and Candy Crush on my iPad seems was more appealing most of the time.  I just don't know what happened to me, I don't remember it being this hard last time!
As you can see I'm doing really well with my fitness minutes and steps this month!  Not so well with my calorie goal and abysmally on my water, I just can't seem to do what I'm supposed to.  I have 3 meals out left for the next 10 days so I will probably go over on that too but still it's so much better then earlier this year!  Hopefully by April I'll be back to my old self again.

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  1. Stick with it! After our wedding I was just exhausted and didn't want to do anything. Unfortunately I got into bad habits and was just enjoying life without planning a wedding and put on like 30 lbs FAST. Stick with your good habits and you'll be fine.

    As for the running, if I don't have a race to train for, running is the WORST. If I'm training for a race and have an end in sight, it makes it so much better. Any 10ks coming up that you can sign up for?