Xmas in July

You may have caught on that we had an Xmas in July party last weekend.  But before I get to the party let me tell you about the rest of the day because it was jam packed!

Joe was officially on vacation which of course means he had to go into the store on Saturday morning.  After breakfast at Fitzpatrick's he ran out to the store and while he was gone Jack & I took a walk to ShopRite to pick up some ingredients for holiday themed goodies.  Joe had mentioned to Jack earlier that morning that we were out of bird food and that kid doesn't forget anything Joe says.  The entire time we walked around the grocery store he kept reminding me to get bird food...we did.
When Joe got back a little while later we headed over to the beach to meet up with Vic, Tammy, Luke, Matteo, Mark, Kate & Anna.  All of the boys flock to Joe and he doesn't mind in the slightest.  It works out quite nicely because Joe's not good at sitting still and relaxing so he plays with the kids and I get to read!
After the beach, while Joe was putting up Xmas lights out back, I sorted through Stephanie's Thirty-One show order that had been delivered on Friday night.  It was the biggest show I've had so far so there was a lot to sort through!
Before  we knew it guests were starting to arrive.  We had quite the turn out, almost 20 of our nearest and dearest came over to celebrate the made up holiday in their holiday best.
There was lots of delicious food!  I tried to keep it healthy and made veggie-full red & green appetizers of all different kinds.
Of course there was lots of dessert.  Sarah made this totally adorable chocolate cherry log, pumpkin roll and mulled cider!  Angela made super yummy sugar cookies and Maria brought cinnamon rolls.

Carol even stopped to get a Happy Birthday Jesus cake.  Unfortunately everyone was super stuffed so there was a lot left over.  Don't worry I pawned all the leftovers off on Nicole yesterday!
Another big hit were the Candy Cane Martinis that Kat made.  They were strong!
We had a really great time (perhaps Jack most of all) and will most definitely be making this an annual event!

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