Wedding Update

There's been a lot happening in our wedding world!

We did a mock up of our cocktail hour center pieces.  It took a lot more beads to fill the large martini glass then I anticipated so we've decided to stick a styrofoam ball in the middle to take up some space!  Now we just need to keep stopping by Michael's daily to buy the glasses at 40% off.

Our wedding bands were delivered!  For some reason this made the whole thing very real to me.  I'm not sure why, we've been doing all kinds of planning and buying for months now but the arrival of the wedding bands hit me.  We're really getting married!

Joe has been a ping pong painting fool.  He stopped at a local bagel place and asked if they could save their large egg cartons for him and though they were probably curious as to why they said ok.  Now he can paint 20ish balls at once!


The wedding is starting to really take over our house.  At first we were keeping everything in the dining room but after arrivals of boxes like these things are creeping into the living room now.  We're trying to box up the finished projects and put them upstairs in our spare bedroom but there are so many projects that are only 1/2 finished because we need to wait until closer to the date to finish them.

My bridal look is almost complete!  In the last week I've picked up my veil and bracelet.  I sort of stumbled across the bracelet, Joe & I were wandering around the Tropicana one evening and I stopped in Swarovski to look at all the sparkly goodness.  We ended up both really liking this bracelet with heart shaped stones and it wasn't terribly expensive so we bought it.  

I already had my dress, two pairs of shoes, earrings and rings.  I wasn't going to wear a veil but then Randy said a bride without a veil is just a girl in a white dress...  
My mother and I returned to David's Bridal with the plan of checking out different veils so I could find what I'd like, then she would make it for a fraction of the price.  I didn't take long to decide on a cathedral length veil with ivory ribbon trim.  We gave the consultant an excuse about needing to return the following week to purchase it and headed for the door.  She stopped us on the way out to let us know it was discontinued and she couldn't guarantee it would be there next week.  We said we'd take our chances but then she pulled out the big guns, it's was 50% off...  My mom weighed the cost of materials and her time/patience to sew the ribbon trim and decided the price was good enough to buy it instead.  She's still making a couple of enhancements but you'll have to wait for the wedding to see them.  All that's left is to find an accessory for my hair once I take off my veil for the reception and I'll be finished!

Last but not least, I had my make-up trial this past Tuesday.  I'm using a woman named Noreen from A Bridal Beauty that was recommended to me by Nicole's sister-in-law.  I am using Jessica, my regular hair stylist for my updo but she doesn't work with airbrush make-up.  Noreen came to my home and was in and out in less then an hour and she did a great job!  I made sure to take pictures of myself from all kinds of different angles and in different lights and I like them all!  Between Jessica & Noreen there will be 6 hair styles and 8 make-up applications the day of our wedding, they've got their work cut out for them!

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