Is that even possible?

Wow it was a doozy of a week, I don't think I've ever meant TGIF more then today!  I have been so busy, I feel like I haven't been home at all.  Just take a look at our calendar, my stuff is purple, Joe is blue, workouts are green, wedding stuff is pink and this is just the afternoons!
I'm proud to say I've been sticking with my workouts!  I met with the trainer on Monday & Thursday (and learned that I have extremely weak inner thighs) and I'm up-to-date on my 1/2 marathon training runs!  Joe and I have actually done the last 4 together.  I feel bad I haven't been able to run with Mandy and Shana but it's pretty rare that Joe has an entire week full of open evenings!  They haven't been my fastest runs, but at least they're checked off the list!
After all those workouts I was almost looking forward to getting on the scale this morning.  I hopped on before getting ready for work and was a little confused by what I found.  I GAINED 2 pounds!  I was on the edge of a minor meltdown when the screen changed to my body fat percentage, it dropped from 33.9% to 26.8%, that's a 7.1% drop!  My first thought was, it that even possible?!?  I posted that very question on Facebook and MyFitnessPal in hopes that one of my trainer friends will have an logical explanation...nothing yet.
You may have noticed I made a change to my goal chart.  Instead of burning 1000 calories a day I've decided to put my faith in MyFitnessPal.  I set my goal to lose 2 pounds a week and now I'm just checking to be sure I achieve their calorie goal for me as opposed to doing all the calculations on my own.  It's also helping that Joe has signed up for MyFitnessPal, it's so much easier to behave when we're both trying to keep our numbers in check.

Looking ahead to the weekend, we have 2 runs to get in, a 3 mile and a 5 mile.  We're going to the Phillies game tonight which always challenges my eating.  Joe is working Saturday and then going to a bachelor party which leaves me on my own for lunch & dinner.  Sometimes this is a good thing something it's not, I'm going to do my best to only eat when I'm hungry and make healthy choices.  On Sunday, some of our bridal party and family are coming over to work on DIY wedding projects.  I've promised them wine & pizza as payment, maybe I'll order myself a salad?

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  1. You are doing great!!! Congrats on the Body Fat loss! I haven't even been bothering to weight myself lately. Do you take your measurements too?