Happy August!  Can you believe the summer is almost over?  I'm not gonna lie, I'm kind of excited to be done with this super steamy weather.  But...I've got way too much wedding stuff to do so I should really be hoping for things to slow down!

I didn't do so well with the goals in July :-(  I think there may be something wrong with my spreadsheet/chart though because I tracked my food every day and it's only showing as 90ish%.  Even though I didn't accomplish anything except the tracking I'm proud that I didn't quit.  I still opened the spreadsheet up every day and added the data.
I'm making goals again for August and I've got a good feeling about them.

1. track my food - I tracked every single day in July so I know I can do it again in August (I even logged everything when I was at conference (post coming soon))!  I think I'm up to 50 days straight on MyFitnessPal!  Don't forget to friend me, I'm LFdimples.

2. drink 64oz of water a day - Healthy people drink water, I want to be healthy, therefore I must drink water.

3. 1000 calorie burn - I crashed and burned on this one in July so it's time to try again.  I have big plans for being more active this month which should make it easier.  In fact, today I hired a trainer, I'll be working out with Brian 2 days a week for 10 weeks.  I'd love to lose those 15 pounds for the wedding by the time I'm done with him!  Plus he's on MyFitnessPal and planning to check my logs so I'll really have to behave!

4. run 50 miles - Shana, Mandy, Joe & I are starting our 1/2 marathon training on 8/14.  If I complete each training run scheduled I'll have 44 miles under my belt by the end of the month, I just need to squeeze in 6 more somewhere...

5. 10,000 steps - this was my second highest score last month.  I know that when I add in the 1/2 marathon training runs I'll totally get there!

6. blog - I don't want to disappear on your guys!
This morning I filled in my spreadsheet for August so far.  Not terrible, but not great.  But in my defense I was out of town the first 4 days of the month and they were busy days that didn't leave any time for working out/running.  I'm pretty sure I'm going to be hurting a lot this month but it'll be worth it if I can get back to that place where I feel good in my own skin again!  It also doesn't hurt that our engagement photos are on September 9th, I'd love to be down 5-10 pounds before them...

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  1. Did I send you to the corrections to the sheet? Also, when you modify it after the last of the month, you have to fool around with one of the blocks. I will check it for you.

    And those sound like great goals!!! I am actually stopping calories in/out this month and concentrating on losing inches with lots of strength training. P90X started yesterday!!