where has all the willpower gone

Apparently it's gone to the same place that all my spare time has gone...

I was doing so well...  I was down 3 pounds, I was somehow managing to avoid wheat & dairy, I was working out on the regular... Look at all the salads I ate!  Joe made a whole chicken for dinner one night and then cornish hens another night with only vegetables as a side dish.

At my final fitting for my wedding dress, not to toot my own horn but, I looked awesome.  However that's also about when things started to fall apart.  My mother & Dawn suggested we split a gingerbread milkshake three ways when we were out to dinner after that final dress fitting.
Then two days later it was my work holiday party where there was wine and passed hors devours and all kinds of other deliciousness.  Immediately following that was my bachelorette weekend.  It. Was. Awesome.  But, it was also filled to the brim with wheat and dairy and alcohol.  I actually managed to stay within my calories for the majority of the weekend but I was definitely not eating/drinking the right things.
My bachelorette weekend wrapped up with brunch at Seaview.  My favorite meal in the world!  I learned a very valuable lesson at brunch, I prefer mashed potatoes to creme brulee.
Now one would think that a bachelorette weekend is a one time thing.  You just hop back on the horse come Monday morning.  Except that this week began the holiday meals...  

Monday was a luncheon at the Doughty Rd office from The Cheese Board featuring Crazy Susan Cookies.
Tuesday was our family Hanukkah celebration and you better believe I was eating some potato latkes, I only get them once a year!  I did give that crescent roll to Joe though.
Wednesday was dinner at Roman Grill to celebrate my dad's birthday.  There were appetizers, lobster bisque, a wedge salad and kobe meatloaf...oh...and dessert.
Seriously I'm afraid to get on the scale.  My goals are a hot mess.  I should at least be getting my water, but no.
What do I do now.  Honestly I'm not sure.  I know I need to get back on track.  Seriously I'm 18 days away from the most photographed day of my life.  I have a session with my trainer tonight but today is also the big holiday luncheon at the hospital, I'll just have to avoid wheat & dairy I guess.  I'm planning on taking an aerobics class tomorrow night but then there's a bar crawl this weekend...It's like I just can't win but I also refuse to skip all the fun just because I'm dieting...bah!  Luckily next week's schedule, while packed, doesn't involve a lot of eating out.

Do you have any tips or tricks for staying strong during the holidays?  I'd appreciate any help I can get!


  1. I'm probably the worst person to give tips but what about making sure you do a smoothie in the morning. At least you would be full, and getting your veggies in. (Skinny green monster?)

    I am SO excited for your wedding. I know as mine got closer the gym had to take a back seat for mine. But why don't you just make sure you are up and walking and taking the stairs to stay active. Stay positive and keep your chin up, lady! :)

  2. The holidays are the worst, I have trouble at parties and events too! Do the best you can, keep those calories in line. If there is something you absolutely must have, then have a little and avoid the things that are only so-so. I can't help on the drinks front. Maybe alternate each drink with a glass of water? Or start to love vodka tonics??

    At least you already know you look fab in your dress! Maybe just remind yourself to keep it that way?? (You will either way but still, maybe this physcology will help!)

  3. How about utilizing the three-bite system? For those treats that you really want to have, just have 3 bites. The first is to see if it tastes as good as you think, the second is to truly savor the flavor, and the 3rd is the finisher.