breaking a sweat

Since I haven't been posting daily recaps I've amassed quite a few pictures from my time at the gym.  Like these of the lovely ladies that torture me twice a week for a 1/2 hour.  Sarah & Ali are seriously so much fun!  I almost don't want to kill them when they tell me to do burpees...
I usually start my training days with a warm up on the elliptical, somewhere between 5 and 20 minutes depending on how early I get to the gym.
Ali was so excited to learn about my blog that she offered to take pictures for me during one of our workouts, some serious, some not so much.  We did box jumps and I only slammed my shin into the metal once, hence the thumbs up!  Lots and lots and lots of push ups, some on the ground, some on the bosu, some at an angle.  Mostly I'm just proud I can finally do them up off my knees, it's been a long time coming!
We concentrate primarily on my upper body because that's all that will be seen in my wedding dress, which means lots of tricep dips.  Ali also thinks I should use the yogi picture as my profile shot for this blog but anyone who reads this knows that yoga and I are NOT friends!
Even though the temperatures are finally dropping around here Joe & I are still trying to walk as much as possible.  We hoofed it to his parent's house for Thanksgiving dinner, about 2 miles, and we also continue to walk to ShopRite as much as possible.
(even when buying heavy items like cat food & turkeys)
All this exercise is definitely exhausting.  I like to be in bed by 10pm every night but sometimes I pass out on the couch before I can make it upstairs, luckily I've got a good snuggle buddy.
Also, I'm feeling pretty bad ass because it looks like I definitely lost a toenail during my half marathon!  When I took my polish off a few weeks ago I noticed my 2nd nail looked a little funny but I just ignored it.  Then over the weekend I was trimming my nails and noticed the little nail was barely hanging on, it practically fell off in my hand!  I'm torn between thinking this is totally gross and being very impressed with myself because losing a toenail is like a hard core running thing.
I am a little concerned about my wedding pedicure though...my shoes are peep toe...

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  1. Haha I agree on the toe thing. Cool or gross? I can't decide!