i heart holidays

I know I'm not the only person to love the holidays but I swear my mood lifts the Monday before Thanksgiving and stays up there until January 2nd.  This year I got super excited as soon as I saw this little guy at ShopRite!  If he wasn't $24 he would have been mine!

Now you'd think that planning a wedding for New Years Eve would only make the holidays more exciting but I'm finding it's the opposite.  Our holidays are a little less exciting because the wedding is coming.  For instance we're not sending holiday cards out this year.  We normally do photo cards with the cats but it's just too much with everything else this year...

We also had to get a baby tree this year because a full size evergreen just won't fit in our almost full to capacity house.
Though I must admit I'm really loving our tiny tree, it was super easy to decorate!  We've also learned that no matter how big or small the tree the cats will always find a way to sleep under it...
I was super excited to hear that Stephanie likes to decorate the office for the holidays!  Between the two of us we've managed this little set up!
I found this adorbale little fascinator at the Cupcakes & Cocktails event last week.  I love that it's subtly Christmas-y and that it has a little veil attached!  Normally I'd want my hair to be a little bit shorter to rock something like this but I think I'll make an exception this year!

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  1. Haha I didn't even notice Beans in the photo at first! I'm terrified what Stormageddon is going to do to our tree!!!