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While I was busy trying not to die on Thanksgiving morning, Joe was setting up a special surprise for me!  He didn't have much trouble keeping me in the dark considering I could barely lift my head off the pillow.  When I started to feel a little better I asked him where my phone had gotten to and he tossed me this:
A fancy new iPhone5!  I love the bigger screen, how fast it is (YAY LTE) and especially how much lighter it is then my 4S.  I'm so spoiled...  And Shana made out in the deal as well, she inherited my 4S when we went shopping on Black Friday.  I've never seen anyone so excited to be part of group texts and to send Emojis.
I think Joe may have been feeling generous because I approved the purchase of his fancy new toy, the Parrot AR Drone.  He swears it's going to help his sales as work but I really think he just wants to play with it.
The drone is actually pretty cool.  It's basically a fancy toy helicopter with a camera attached that is controlled via the iPad.  When Bill found out Joe had one he & Shana invited themselves over for dinner and playtime.  Some families gather out front on a cold December night to check out holiday lights, we watch the drone fly up to the roof and check out the gutters.
It was a little hard to see the drone well in our front yard since it's not well lit so the crew wandered across the street to the ShopRite parking lot where Shana took this great picture of Joe and his new little friend.
I will admit his purchase is paying off.  He brings the drone to work with him every day and flies it around the store in his free time, they've sold a few in the last week after people see it whizz by and think it's super cool.

This last one isn't technology but I still had to share.  I picked up this ridiculous peacock ring at the Cupcakes & Cocktails event for $10 and I love it!  I think I'm going to rock it at my bachelorette party this weekend :-)

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