Fun Facts Friday

1.  Last Sunday we went to see the Philly Pops for a Lennon and McCartney show.  We met my sister, Bill, Dad & Judy for brunch in Old City then wandered the Kimmel Center for a little while before the show started.  It was really fun!  None of us "kids" had been there before and enjoyed checking out the architecture before settling in for 3 hours of Beatles music.
2.  This morning I learned it's not a good idea to "run" 4 days in a row then attempt a spin class.  My legs were totally burnt out after about 20 minutes on the bike.  I had to decrease my base and barely made it through the 50 minute class.  Note to self, take it easy at Thursday's workout when going to Friday morning spin!

3.  Thankfully my Thirty-One business is picking  up again.  I haven't had a party since November!  Luckily, I now have 3 scheduled for April, 2 scheduled for May and I've put together a "bunny hop" to allow ladies to earn free merchandise without hosting a party.  I think it's partially due to the super cute gym bags we have on special next month!  Don't forget to visit my website if you're interested in Thirty-One: www.mythirtyone.com/LaurenFields

4. Joe & I are trying to pay off some debt and save some money.  Why can't the cheaper things in life be more exciting?  We're having to seriously debate going to dinners with friends and other fun activities in favor of sitting home and not spending $$.  Not fair.  Also, why is it that I can go out for an evening with friends and spend $20 but Joe can't manage to spend less then $50+?  Are all boys like that?

5. We have very little going on this weekend.  It's pretty shocking, we've been running around like crazy lately.  Tonight I'm going to meet some friends for happy hour after work but plan on being home before Joe gets home at 8 (see above).  Tomorrow I have a bridal shower at noon so I'm not watching Jack in the morning which leave me open to go to a class at the gym at 9:30!  But that's it, no other plans!  Crazy right?  I'm planning on using whatever down time I find to watch the season 3 finale of Downton Abbey and finish "Let's Pretend This Never Happened" for book club.  It's gonna be a wild weekend! 

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