Three Things Thursday

1. Last night I signed up for a mud run.  Most of my running friends have been tossing the idea of doing one around for almost a year now but we never pulled the trigger. Well, yesterday my sister signed up with some of her teacher friends...she called me and told me to sign up immediately before the price went up.  I hemmed and hawed for about an hour then registered online.  We are doing the Rebel Race in Manchester, NJ (about an hour from home) on 4/14 at 10am.  That's right, I'll be bringing in 31 dirty...
I'm not sure what the final tally is for our team but I know for sure that Shana, Kelli, Joe, Bill, Marisa, Beth, Caroline & myself are going to be playing in the mud in 4 short months.  I looked for some kind of training recommendation but couldn't find anything other then running 1-5 miles regularly which shouldn't be a problem now that I'm training for both a 10 mile race and an 11K.
2. At my department holiday party we were all given mediocre gifts.  One of said gifts was a remote control caddy.  The recipient spent the majority of the party sneakily trading it with other people's gifts which was highly amusing but he felt guilty in the end and took it home.  You can imagine my surprise when a present showed up on my desk a few days after the party.  I immediately wrapped it back up and passed it along.  It's been turning up all over the department lately and I assume we'll be seeing it under the tree again next year.
3. Jack got a truck from his uncles for Christmas.  We took it out one unseasonable warm afternoon so he could take it for a spin.  He hasn't quite mastered stopping yet and plowed into the side of the building a few times before throwing in the towel.

Then I decided to give it a try...
Most terrifying 5 minutes of my life!

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