I had big plans to write about my week's workouts on Sunday night.  But I spent most of the day helping Nicole with Jack's 2nd birthday party and was too exhausted to do anything but lay on the couch and watch Revenge on the DVR when I got home.  And then my day was crazy busy yesterday so I didn't get time to write.

But I am pretty proud of myself after last week so I definitely wanted to share...even if it is a few days late.

The 1/9-1/15 plan was:
Monday - Cardio Blast/Abs at the gym
Tuesday - 4 mile evening run w/Joe
Wednesday - 4 mile evening run w/Joe
Thursday - Pump-N-Step at the gym
Friday - session with my trainer & 3 mile treadmill run
Saturday - 4 mile morning run w/Joe
Sunday - 4 mile morning run w/Joe

What I actually did:

Monday - Cardio Blast/Abs at the gym...check!  and a 739 calorie burn
Tuesday - 3 mile evening run w/Joe...I changed training plans so this is technically a check!  and a 542 calorie burn
Wednesday - 3 mile evening run w/Joe...check!  and a 728 calorie burn
Thursday - Pump-N-Step at the gym...check!  and a 825 calorie burn
Friday - session with my trainer but I didn't run...1/2 credit!  and a 528 calorie burn
Saturday - no workout :-(  in my defense it was like 30 degrees & windy...393 calorie burn
Sunday - no workout but it was even colder (17 degrees) & windier...+49 calories, damn cupcakes!

I didn't lose any weight when I hopped on the scale Friday morning but I'm keeping my fingers crossed for this week.  Less then 2 weeks until the cruise!

The 1/16-1/22 plan:
Monday - Cardio Blast/Abs at the gym (update: I got stuck late at work and missed the class but I'm super proud of myself because I still went to the gym and took a late spin class instead!)
Tuesday - 4 mile evening run w/Joe (to make up for the one I skipped on Saturday)
Wednesday - session with my trainer and a 3 mile run
Thursday - 3 mile morning run on the treadmill since it's date night
Friday - 3 mile morning run on the treadmill since I'm doing my first 31 show at Angela's after work
Saturday - 5 mile run w/Shana
Sunday - 3 mile run w/Joe


  1. I don't see any rest days?
    Otherwise, great job!!!

  2. Well...technically I didn't schedule any rest days last week either...but somehow they always seem to sneak in there, lol. And if we're being honest, the chances of my getting up at 6am to run on the treadmill 2 days in a row are pretty slim...