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Holy crap!  I haven't posted in almost a month!  

I have all the normal reasons for not posting...life just got busy and well, I plain didn't feel like writing.  Also, I'm not really proud of myself the last 2 months... I left off with cancelling my LifeCenter membership and plans to join Island Gym.  I haven't worked out since then though I have lost like 3 pounds...  My friend Christina had her baby, Emma Ann, super cute!  I guess I'm just dragging my feet until she's back to meet me for classes.

Anyway...here's a couple of highlights in my world...

John & Kristen got married!  I'll do a full post some other time, but in short, it was a beautiful wedding on a windy day earlier this month.  Everything was gorgeous!  That means we've only got 2 more of Joe's close friends to marry off!  And Sean is getting married in June!
That same weekend I attended/worked the AtlantiCare Gala.  The theme was classic art and it was a great night as always!
Joe's been out back pretty much all the time working on installing solar panels on our shed.  His main goal is to have enough power to run a sump pump under the house when the electricity is out.  You know, in case we get another super storm...
I went to the Phillies vs Indians game with my dad.  It was free hat night!
And just this past weekend we took part in a walk for Juvenile Diabetes research.  Nicole put a team together in Jack's name, we were Jack's Candy Crushers...get it...candy crushers...diabetes...  
I swear I'm going to try harder to spend some time at the computer each night or on the weekend putting posts together.  I mean if I'm not working out the least I can do is blog, right?

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