double digits!

Can you believe it, we're 98 days away from the wedding!  We are by no means having a long engagement but still it seems like just yesterday I was putting things off because we had "soooo much time."  Now, I want things crossed off the to do list and I want them crossed off now!  Here's what we've been taking care of since I last updated you:

Striped Straws.  I loved the pictures from other weddings with pretty striped straws but it always seemed like they were in mason jars and our wedding is not that type of event.  Then one afternoon I was reading another blog post about striped straws and decided to check out pricing.  They were very reasonable and when I saw they came in black I decided we could find a way to make them elegant instead of "country."  Nicole found a sample on etsy with the couples names on the front and a glittery disc on the back, I was sold!  Then, at our last sweat shop session we knocked out 500 of these bad boys.
Bridesmaid Bouquets.  With 7 ladies in my bridal party I was concerned that the floral budget would be high.  Right from the get go it was decided that we would make them from paper or faux flowers or something.  When we stumbled upon these feather flowers at AC Moore I knew we had to have them!  Nicole and I played around but didn't love our creations.  My mom & Kat stepped in and offered to head the bridesmaid bouquet committee.  While this project isn't completed yet there has been lots of brainstorming and mock ups.  The plan is to finish them off this coming weekend.
Bridal Shower Outfit.  It all started back when my sister got married.  She had a special dress she wanted to wear from her bridal shower but since we wanted to surprise her with the event she had to turn it over to me to bring the day of.  While I shopping with Kat we spotted this adorable lace dress and Forever 21.  We were running low on time that day so I made a mental note to return soon.  Just 2 days later my mom and I ended up back at the store and I tried the dress on, super cute!  I also picked up a belt, necklace, bracelets & shoes to complete the ensemble.  And wouldn't you know someone stole it!  It was in my dining room with all the other wedding stuff and on Saturday night I noticed it was missing!  I'm guessing that means my shower is coming up soon?
Speaking of our dining room...It's been taken over by craft supplies and other wedding goodies.  I'm hoping to have everything done before the holidays so we stand a chance of actually having people over.  Right now Joe won't let me invite anyone over who isn't directly related to the wedding!

We had our engagement pictures taken!  I started by having Jessica come over for a cut and color since it had been FAR too long since my last one.  The best part about having your stylist come to your house, you can drink while your color sets!


We met our photographers (and my sister) at a local park and wandered around with a picnic basket and fishing pole taking what I'm hoping will be fabulous shots.  Shana acted as wardrobe coordinator, tossing me different pairs of shoes when the shot called for it and letting me know if my bra strap or spanx were sticking out!  We're supposed to have the pictures back by the beginning of October and I'm super excited to see how they turned out!

Tissue Packets.  I've always thought putting out packets of tissues for the more sentimental guests during the ceremony is a cute idea.  Nicole single handedly designed, printed and assembled these bad boys.  She did such a great job that I'm not sure I want to see people rip them open!
Lotto Tickets.  We are having a photo booth at the wedding and those photos will serve as our guests primary "favor" but I really wanted to give them something else.  The $1 scratch offs didn't seem like too much of an investment and no one can win more then $5000 so we won't be too sad not winning ourselves.  I found a cute logo online that says "Lauren & Joe Lucky in Love."  My sister's college roommate Dana has been doing the majority of our design work and tweaked them to match our color scheme.  All that was left was to punch out 175 labels.  Joe tackled that project one night after work (shirtless apparently) then I spent an evening putting the tickets and a penny in vellum envelopes and sealing them with our fancy stickers.  Why is it that cats always find it necessary to sit in the most obnoxious place possible?  I ran an errand mid stuffing and when I came back she had parked herself right on top of my work area...
Star Drink Stirrers.  Joe knocked out more then 600 of these bad boys while he was off from work last week.  We're planning to give them to the bartenders at our cocktail hour and reception for the shorter glasses that would look silly with the striped straws.  I'm sure I'm going overboard with all of these projects but I just really want our wedding to be memorable and different then your average hotel ballroom event.
I made a pit stop at Michael's when I was out that way picking up some new yoga pants at Old Navy.  Imagine my surprise when I rounded one of the isles looking for clear glass bubbles and found everything I've ever wanted for my wedding in one spot.  Unfortunately our local store didn't have any more of the bubbles we needed and they weren't sure when they'd be getting more in.  But seriously, mirrors and glitter and feathers, oh my!  If only I had an unlimited budget! 
Saturday night Joe and I were major party animals, we stayed in and worked on our centerpieces!  He set up the ping pong balls assembly line style and then we started filling the vases based on a sample we'd made a month or so ago.  We managed to finish all the small vases and will be able to knock out the large ones later this week!  Another project checked off the list!

On Sunday afternoon we were driving up to the Phillies game when Joe remembered that there is a Michael's in Deptford right off the Expressway exit.  We made a quick pit stop and were thrilled to find 3 containers of our precious bubbles.  Two 40% off coupons later and we were on our way to the game.  Now we just need to find one more and we're set!

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  1. There is a Michael's across the street from my campus... Email me a closer shot of them if you'd like me to stop and check!